The phenomenon of nonverbal communication

“So it wasn’t just a stroke of luck that enabled Claude Goy Managements Ltd to become an established player in its market. It gained the full confidence of its clients through actions and services that are distinguished by independence, perseverance, the typical Swiss meticulousness, clarity and, above all, absolute discretion. In the future, we will continue to strive to inspire confidence in our clients, and it will remain paramount in our asset management activities. We understand you, your preferences and your needs without all too many words and gestures.”

Strangely enough, I have been associated with the turtle since our company was founded. Initially, it was simply a symbol we liked, patiently accompanying our work. Now, I wouldn’t want to be without the turtle, because it has quietly helped to shape our business philosophy. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the recap of Aesop’s fable about the turtle and the hare below:

“The hare ridiculed the turtle for being so slow. Tired of the hare’s arrogant behaviour, the turtle challenged him to a race. The hare accepted the challenge, thinking it a good joke. The day of the race arrived, the finishing line was decided and the two contestants set off together. The turtle, crawling slowly but steadily, was soon left behind by the hare. After prancing and jumping and racing along the course the hare, confident of winning, decided to make the joke even better by lying down in the grass and taking a nap just before the finishing line. When the hare was woken by loud cheers, however, he saw to his dismay that the turtle had arrived at the finishing line before him.”

During our company’s formative years, our philosophy was often more similar to the hare’s than the turtle’s, because at that time the world had us believe that it consisted entirely of hares. However, on closer inspection and after a given time, the turtle returned: persevering, enduring and unflagging.

For many years now, we’ve been letting the hares be hares, and our philosophy is now closer in nature to that of the turtle. In fact, we have adopted the turtle as a role model that consciously and unconsciously guides our investment strategy. My son and I would like to invite you to share our business philosophy. We can impress you with our financial expertise, and our customers appreciate that, but we also want you to embrace our values, because people and values are the two things that count most. They are what turn a business association into a business relationship.

Nothing in life is a coincidence. A few years ago we moved home. When we reached our new home with all our belongings and opened the front door, we encountered our first turtle. Was it fate or coincidence? We decided to keep the turtle and make it a part of our family. It’s had an immense influence on our everyday lives. We’ve adopted its nature as an example-setting model, and it continues to shape our corporate culture and business philosophy today.

By the way, the turtle is still alive and well, and we’re glad it's still a part of our family.

Claude Goy

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